Expressing love to others is like watering the seed of your relationships, it nourishes the connection that you have with another person, it brings you closer together.

We are often so quick to share and express negatively about something that may be in our life situation, however if this is done any more than the very small amount which may be necessary (emotional release), we may find ourselves moving away from a peaceful life. The energy we send out is the energy which we receive back. The world is your mirror.

The opposite also applies. When we share and express love with one another, we build strength upon the connections we have created. We provide water for the flower, there is a reinforcement of trust. We create new love. It is stronger, and it can only grow more and more.

There will be so many occasions where such loving thoughts may come into our minds about a specific person and no matter how big or small we should try to express these thoughts more. There’s nothing negative that can come from sharing kind words and carrying out kind actions for those we care for (and that can be a total stranger too).

Our lives will become richer in love and we may feel happier or more fulfilled as people if we start to give more, because giving is the true way of living, when we give we live in a state of abundance. When we share with others out of love, the feelings that arise are so great that it’s hard to put it into words. It’s like pure bliss. We shouldn’t seek out to gain from giving at all, however there truly is a reward for it, a real sense of fulfillment and happiness.

So surrender yourself to love. Express kind words to those you care for, you have been through a lot together and there’s so much to be thankful for. Your best friends love you unconditionally, they’re there for you at all times, it’s their full-time job, and it pays extremely well (non materially).

Your family are your  tribe, your DNA is so closely linked, you are connected with each other. Express how much you love each other, hug, be creative (if you can’t afford a gift, make one), just be expressive in your love and watch how everything grows.

The person on the street, you share the experience of life with them, you may have shared struggles too that you are not yet aware of, they may have had a really hard day today, even sharing a smile is sharing love and it can heal more than you may know.

We are in this together.

Usman Ali


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