Within the early hours of waking lies the opportunity to create magic. Here are some points on why I believe taking a walk immediately after you wake can be life changing.

Spend Some Time With Yourself

Before the world hits you with objectives, tasks, appointments, meetings, and all the other to-do’s of today, get up and take a stroll to spend some quiet time with yourself. Building relationships is in my opinion one of the cornerstones of life and each relationship requires an investment of time and love. Don’t forget that we are constantly developing a relationship within ourselves.

If you don’t give time and love to yourself, how can you give your best self to those around you?

Express Gratitude

Going for a walk in the morning is the perfect time to give thanks for all that you have been gifted with in life. It’s the perfect opportunity to express gratitude for the life you are living today, for the struggles you have overcome, for your friends and family, for your body, your limbs and your joints, for nature, for the sunshine, the rain, the elements, for the access we have to clean water and food on the table, for the ability to breathe, for shelter, for all things big and small.

There is always something we can express gratitude towards, the key is searching within to find those things. Here we are training the mind to find what is going well in life, even if life may not feel so good at the moment. We are training the mind to be optimistic.

Visualize The Life You Want

During your walk, ask yourself ”Where do I see myself in 10-20 years?” Visualize the person you want to become. How does this extremely successful version of yourself behave? What are their habits? What do they look like? Who are they with? What are their skills and abilities? What have they achieved? What do you see? Visualize the colors, the sounds, the smell, feel the power of that moment.

Ask yourself, what would this future self of yours do today? Whatever goal it is you’re going for, physical, emotional, financial, whatever it is, your future self has achieved it.

The One Thing

Now on your walk take a second to think about one thing you can do today in order to take a step towards this future you want. What is the one thing you can do today that will take you one step closer to living your dream? Make this your absolute priority for today and get it done no matter what.

Imagine doing this for 5 years. That’s 1,825 steps you have taken towards your dream life. By consistently taking a single step each day you will amaze yourself at how much you can achieve. Even within a single month you can take 30 steps towards your dream, and a month can fly by. A lot can change in a seemingly short amount of time.


Our experience with life is largely determined by the quality and sentiment of the communication we have with ourselves. It’s important that we infuse our communication with emotion, our brain is more likely to believe it this way. Here are a few phrases I suggest you try out. ”I am unstoppable”, ”Today I’m at my best”, ”I am powerful”, ”I create the life I want”, ”I am successful”, ”I am happy to be alive”, ”I am compassionate and loving”.  Walk with a confident posture, chest up, looking straight ahead and get creative with words and phrases that resonate best with you.

Say them out loud! Shout them if you have to! Bettering your life is more important than people thinking you’re crazy because you’re shouting beautiful words in the morning.

You Deserve It

This is simple. I would like you to ask yourself a question.

Do you deserve 20 minutes of self-love in the morning? Do you deserve time to visualize the life you want to live, and to also be creative in taking small steps towards shaping that life? Do you deserve strong, motivating words from your higher self as you enter a new day full of opportunity and beauty? Of course you do, because your life is yours, and your dreams are both extremely valuable and 100% achievable.

One step at a time you will make it there, that is, if you allow yourself to do so.


A lot of my inspiration for morning rituals came from Mark Dhamma’s ”Dominate Your Day” program. It’s an audio program which guides you through a series of tracks designed to put you in an optimal state of mind. Check it out.




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