Most of us want more from the life we’re living. Whether it be our health, our relationships, our financial circumstances, our levels of inner peace, there is always something that we want to achieve, something we know our soul calls out for, but it may seem too foggy/unclear or far away for us to bring it into our lives.

Let me hit you with some simple truth. YOU CAN CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE.

Whatever it is that your soul yearns for, whatever it is that you know you want, you can bring it into your life, you have the power to create and it starts with one simple word, BELIEF.

Belief is from my experience, the single most powerful tool that will determine whether your dreams and visualizations manifest or not. It’s the difference between yes and no, winning and losing, rising and falling, persistence and defeat, belief shapes your reality and sets the bar on what is possible for you personally.

I like to use the simple analogy of human flight.

Think of a time back when airplanes had not yet been invented. Let’s imagine there is a young boy/girl, who’s soul cries out to fly, and they believe in their heart so deeply and truly that one day it will happen. One day, somehow, it will be possible for that little boy/girl to soar through the skies, to defy gravity and to fly with the birds. Upon sharing this dream with their family, friends and neighbors, our young dreamer may have come across a lot of statements similar to the ones following, ”Flight is impossible for humans, it is not meant for us mere mortals.”, ”Be realistic, that is a silly and childish dream, grow up.” You get the vibe i’m going for here.

Now here is the key. No matter how much others disbelieved in this dream, the belief in that child remained strong, and as the years went by they directed their life towards making this dream achievable, no matter what others said. Fast forward to this date and we can fly across the world in only a matter of hours, all thanks to someone who kept their belief strong. Even goals which in the moment seem impossible can be achieved, it all comes down to the strength of your belief, if you want it enough you WILL find a way.

Usually when others are telling us to ”Be realistic” they are in other words saying, ”What it is you’re dreaming of, I believe to be impossible for myself, therefore it must be impossible for you.” People no matter how close to us, will tell us we can not achieve our dreams, purely due to their low level of self belief. It’s not that it isn’t possible for you, it’s that it isn’t possible for them (as long as they don’t believe it to be so).

So how can we use this in our own lives?

Take a goal, it doesn’t matter what it is, to travel the world, to live passionately, to get yourself out of bed today, to take control of your health, to beat that medical condition you’ve been diagnosed with into the ground, to fall deeply in love, to fly, to do a one-arm handstand. Whatever it is, visualize yourself as if you are doing it. See it, feel it. Look at the colors, hear the sounds, see who’s there with you, picture yourself right there getting it done, smile, because you know it’s going to happen. Write all these details down, say them out loud, you’re going to do whatever it takes to make this come dream come true.

Now ask yourself, ”What’s the ONE THING I can do today to take ONE STEP towards making this real?” It doesn’t matter how small this step is, what’s important is that you take that step forward, keep it simple to begin with. Choose two or three if you have to, however, one is a good place to start. CONSISTENCY is the key to success and achieving our dreams, and taking one step TODAY is the difference between manifesting those dreams or letting them drift away, taking us back into our defeatist mentality where nothing is possible, everything is bad and the world is against us.

Write the one thing down, and now the rest is easy. Get it done. Make it a priority, get it done first thing in the morning, or straight after work, it doesn’t matter when it is, just get it done (the early hours of the day are where i find most motivation to take action).

Repeat this process during your first waking hours, visualize the life you want and ask yourself, ”How would the person I want to be, do the thing that I’m about to do?” What would the strongest version of myself do right now? How would they behave, what would they prioritize, how would they take immediate action? Imagine you as your future successful self, and act as they would. If you’re having trouble visualizing yourself getting it done, just find someone out there who has already done it and mimic what they do! Go for that run today, train extra hard, rise up out of bed, stretch for an extra ten minutes, prepare some healthy food for yourself.

Get out of your comfort zone and be consistent towards making your dreams manifest, even when you feel you don’t want to.

The height of the bar is set by the strength of your belief. Make it happen by taking one step today, tomorrow, the day after… And in time, whether it be a month, a year, five years time you might just see a difference in your life.


Creator of Team Physical.





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